To search… to look… to embrace…
Alma Redlinger searches everywhere, but especially in herself, and she finds that inner ground. There in the garden where she planted bulb-images in fertile soil, the creative life put down roots; her trunk grows and seeks the light of the sun in a constant flowering of the self.
Because beauty comes from the inside and because there is the environment that contributes to her birth, one can understand how high the internal congruence is exalted when the outside congruence is used in the same sense, when the heat of those surrounding it – in fact, the secret of her art – becomes the heat of life itself.Come closer…Let yourselves wrapped up by each painting! Somewhere above, through the fragrance of the flowers, do you feel in your soul the scent of Alma?Adrian Buga, Tribute, Alma Redlinger – 90 years of life, 70 years of color, 2014

The subject of the painting is essential in my painting. This does not mean that I start to work on something completely fixed. The name of the painting is in most cases established after the painting is finished. I build my theme through research, and then, in time, I cut in, constantly changing, until I find a balance between drawing and colour, between idea and realization. But the subjects are endless, you need to discover them and fall in love with them. Picasso said that he doesn’t seek, he finds. I find by searching.
— Alma Redlinger




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