We have worked hard this year and we have made:


Oil on Canvas | Silk on Skin are the first collections of the designer Andreea Buga, an homage to the painter Alma Redlinger, one of the artists promoted by the cultural laboratory called ARGO ART.

Every Oil on Canvas | Silk on Skin piece could be an imaginary character from Alma Redlinger’s works brought by Andree Buga to the 21st century, a continuation of what the painter began as M.H.Maxy’s student.

The paintings of the contemporary artist Alma Redlinger embark on an imaginary journey through Bucharest, and materialize in two collections: one of casual pieces – Fancy Canvas, made of silk completed with jersey and cotton, and the other collection – Impressive Silk, in which silk plays the main role.

You can look at a painting, but you can never eternalize the moment. I wanted to do precisely that for the women who wear beauty on their skin and feel silk is a part of their elegance and attitude. The motifs that gave birth to my first collection were flowers from Alma Redlinger’s paintings witch I printed directly on silk. They represent the spirit of contemporary art applied creatively to fashion design. Andreea Buga

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