ABOUT ME – Andreea Buga

I have always had a penchant for beauty and perfection. I have always sought to enjoy life to the fullest, see only the good aspects of it, and I believe this is what brought me closer to Adrian and what was going to be ARGO.

Graduating from the Faculty of Design, what better idea could I have had, other than creating objects? Not any kind of objects, but art objects. While preparing two events dedicated to Alma Redlinger, having been overwhelmed and inspired by the joyfulness of this artist, her paintings seemed to me like a natural first choice. I wanted her art to be discovered through a different means, so that more people could hear about this wonderful person who could inspire generations, so that more people would have the privilege to experience spring rush through their soul by just glancing at a painting.


I started with a scarf and a poppy-print top. This idea materialized quite quickly. So, in March 2014, during the vernissage of the exhibition Alma Redlinger. 90 Years of Life, 70 Years of Color, I was able to wear my idea.


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