Oil on Canvas | Silk on Skin elegant collection

Take art with you wherever you go! This is the message ARGO ART is spreading this fall. Encapsulate the scent of the flowers and perpetuate the moment of the richly decorated still life paintings by Alma Redlinger. Make silk the symbol of your elegance and attitude!

The ARGO Collection is for all those who love beauty. It consists of a surprising casual sporty-chic collection and an elegant collection entirely made of silk.

The elegant collection, Impressive Silk, is exclusively made of silk which “transforms the woman into a being that carries all the flowers with it”. Printed on a variety of colorful silk fabrics, every model has a special design, available in limited edition: Red Poppies, The City and The Studio.

The motifs that gave birth to the SILK on SKIN collection were flowers from Alma Redlinger’s paintings which I printed directly on silk. They represent the spirit of contemporary art applied creatively to fashion design.

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