LAUNCHING Oil on Canvas | Silk on Skin

My big Start up at Iconic in March 2015 !


Because my idea was for all art lovers, I couldn’t limit my creation to only one collection, so I designed another. An elegant collection, Impressive Silk is exclusively made of silk which “transforms the woman into a being that carries all the flowers with it”. Using a variety of combinations of the colorful silk fabrics, every model has a special design to match the particular requirements of the three printing methods, in limited edition: Red poppies, The City and The Studio.

The casual collection, Fancy Canvas, is designed for all the women who want to be elegant, but still keep a sporty-chic signature. For this collection, I chose to print on a fabric made of 95% silk and 5% elastane and associated it with cotton, French terry in different shades and soft jersey, for an effortless chic look. It is a limited edition – Magnolia, Stamp and Spring – which can personalize every model and material depending on the wishes of those who love art and want to keep it with them.


Alma Redlinger
Studio launch
Iconic launch Silk on Skin
Argo first collection Silk on Skin


See the colection Silk on Skin


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